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Roundtable Notes

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A bit of a digression here: the notes for the Future of Curved Surfaces roundtable are up in the publications area. Overall, a pretty good discussion. I don’t think anything was really resolved, but I certainly learned quite a bit. Hopefully others did too.

We now return you to your irregularly scheduled reparameterization discussion.


Reparameterizing a Curve

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I’m still optimizing memory and speed so nothing exciting to report under the lighting topic. Maybe later this week or next week.

So let’s look at a bit of code from the book, shall we?


Lighting Research, Comments

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I had a few more topics left over from GDC, but I left my notes at work. And I’ll be on lead engineer duty this week and a bit of next so I’m not optimistic I’ll have time to post anything from there.

So instead I’ll write a bit about some lighting research I’ve been doing. Lately I’ve been interested in doing some improvements to lightmap generation — both making it efficient (in both speed and memory) and improving the quality of the lighting solution.

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